APS 2021 Conference

Association of Psychosocial Studies Online Conference 1st2nd & 9th 10th July 2021


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The last 12-months have been a blur for many of us. Plans have had to be put on hold and life as we knew it has completely changed. We have spent more time in virtual worlds, causing us to re-imagine how we interact with one another. The importance of physical connection and its prohibition has also been a cause for collective reflection. To explore the impact the last year has had on us all, the postponed 2020 APS conference on the theme of PSYCHOSOCIAL BODIES is being reignited!

The conference will be virtual and take place over 4 days in July. Delivery of the conference will be through a combination of invited speakers, presentations, workshops and online interactive events. The theme PSYCHOSOCIAL BODIES intends to cover psychosocial thinking about identity and the body, the body politic, as well as bodies of knowledge.

To accommodate participants from USA, UK, India and Europe on Zoom each day begins at British summer time 1pm and ends at 6pm.

Invited Speakers

Ezimma Chigbo

Professor Derek Hook

Professor Elelwani Ramugondo


To register for this online conference and for more information, please follow this link https://www.essex.ac.uk/events/2021/07/01/association-of-psychosocial-studies-online-conference

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APS 2020 Conference Committee: Lindsey Nicholls, Poul Rohleder, Julie Walsh, Deborah Wright, University Of Essex; Anthony Faramelli, IoE UCL; Sarah Shorrock, UCLan