The APS and The IGA

The Association for Psychosocial Studies and The Institute of Group Analysis


 A World in Common?

Group Analysis meets Psychosocial Studies*


Saturday 21st May 2016, 10:30 – 17.00
Institute of Group Analysis,

1 Daleham Gardens, London NW3 5BY



Marion Brown (Chair, IGA) and Sasha Roseneil (Chair, APS)


APS: Dr David Jones, Professor Lynn Froggett and Dr Bruna Seu



Group Analysis is a long established psychotherapy, with roots in psychoanalysis and sociology, which has a wide range of organisational applications and wealth of knowledge about the workings of groups and organisations and the experiences and roles of individuals within them. Psychosocial Studies is a much newer transdisciplinary field of academic research and teaching, which emerged out of dissatisfaction with the disciplinary divisions between sociology and psychology and with existing ways of understanding the relationship between psychic and social life, and which draws on a wide range of intellectual traditions, including psychoanalysis, critical theory, post-structuralism and feminism and queer theory.

In these two one-day workshops we will explore what Group Analysis and Psychosocial Studies have in common, what they might have to offer each other, and where they might diverge. Leading figures from the two fields will present short talks to the assembled company of group analysts and psychosocial studies scholars, and other interested parties. There will be plenty of time for discussion of the papers, with small groups in the morning and a free-ranging large group in the afternoon.

*This is Part 1 of two linked workshops presented by the IGA and APS.  Part 2 will take place on 24 September 2016 (attendance at both workshops is desired but not essential).

Ticket prices:

(Early Bird / Full Fee)

Public                                   £49 / £60

IGA/APS Members                £39 / £50

IGA/APS Students                £29 / £40

Please note that the deadline for the Early Bird tickets is 15th April 2016.

Flyer can be found here