Steering Committee

Professor Lynn Froggett, Chair (University of Central Lancashire)

Professor Sasha Roseneil, Vice Chair (University of Essex)

Dr David W. Jones, Honorary Treasurer & Communications Officer (University of East London)

Dr Helen Lucey, Honorary Membership Secretary (University of Bath)

Tom Wengraf
Dr Tamara Bibby (Institute of Education)
Professor Lynn Froggett (University of Central Lancashire)
Dr Elizabeth Frost (University of West of England)
Dr Andy Fugard (University College London)
Dr Luis Jiminez (University of East London)
Dr Claudia Lapping (University College London)
Dr Jean McAvoy (Open University)
Dr Chris Scanlon (Consultant Psychotherapist and Group Analyst)
Jem Thomas (University of the West of England)
Professor Candida Yates (University of Bournemouth)