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Iris Aleida Pinzón Arteaga is a psychologist, social researcher, and Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at University of Albany, New York. She’s a member of the interdisciplinary research group ‘Violence, Language, and Cultural Studies’ of the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga (Colombia). Her research involves the deployment of psychoanalytic concepts and critical approaches to reflect upon psychosocial phenomena. Her areas of interest fall generally within the areas of culture, collective memory, epistemology, and knowledge production. Her latest publication, co-authored with Arturo Bandinelli, include Knowledge and Truth in Contemporary Society: A Psychoanalytic Investigation of the “Post-Truth Era” (Awry, 2022), and Creative Disruption with/in Psychoanalysis: on forgetfulness and stupidity (forthcoming in 2024, in Creative Disruptions in the Psychosocial, Palgrave Psychosocial Series).