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Bio :
Dr. Stroud’s PhD research at the University of Aberdeen focused on analysing Real Life magazines through a psychosocial lens, drawing on her extensive experience as a journalist working on national newspapers and Real Life magazines. Her research highlights the neoliberal agenda embedded in the production and consumption of these magazines, examining their emotional and psychosocial impact on readers and the broader media environment. With her particular interest in socio-economic and political loss, she applies a psychosocial lens to her research to explore the psychical implications of loss and how it becomes inscribed in a particularly classed and gendered form of melancholia. Since completing her PhD, Dr. Stroud has been delighted to work for the Aberdeen cultural organisation Station House Media Unit (shmu), contributing to their work empowering people from lower socio-economic backgrounds to take space in the media, make their voices heard and share their experiences authentically – work that helps challenge dominant conceptions of class and gender. Dr. Stroud is on the Executive Board of the Association of Psychosocial Studies and is a Scholar of the British Psychoanalytic Council.