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Bio :
I am a practising relationally-oriented psychotherapist and creative supervisor with a research PhD that used auto-fiction as a means to explore contemporary life and practice. My work sits wholeheartedly within the creative-relational space that has been finding form at the Centre for Creative-Relational Inquiry at University of Edinburgh.

I am developing new research inquiries further articulating a posthuman, psychosocial relational perspective on the art(s) of living in our present time. Areas that spark my interest include:
Psychosocial Studies;
Creative and action-based practices;
Relationality and process philosophies;
Posthumanism and New Materialism;
Collaborative qualitative inquiry;
Dis/embodiment, digital intimacies and subjectivity;
'Fictioning' as a generative method of inquiry;
Aesthetics; Stylistics; Form; and Imaginative Interventions