The Journal of Psychosocial Studies is being adopted by Policy Press

Call for Papers

The Journal of Psychosocial Studies is being adopted by Policy Press.

The newly adopted journal is going to be published in three volumes every year. It will be available free to members of the Association for Psychosocial Studies.

We are now very keen to hear from people who want to publish work that falls in the broad terrain of Psychosocial Studies.

We are interested in publishing papers that bring a psychosocial perspective that might help us understand a range of contemporary social phenomena. This might be work on family life, welfare practices, criminal justice issues, youth work, cultural products (such as film, art and literature).

Psychosocial Studies draws on a range of disciplines to explore the interactive relationships between self, culture and society. Whilst often focusing on affect and emotion it explores the complexities of subjectivity and experience as it is lived and shaped in different contexts and settings. This approach is defined by a commitment to exploration of the links between the internal and external worlds; both the deeply personal and profoundly social.

If you are interested in submitting a paper – there is further guidance here.

If you have ideas for publications – please contact us – as below:

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