Volume 10 , Issue 2, October 2017

Offering Food <-> Receiving Food

A Special Issue of the Journal of Psychosocial Studies


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A gulf stands between giving and receiving; and the smallest gulf must be bridged at last“.

Friedrich Neitzsche, from Thus Spoke Zarathustra 

All of us at different times and in different places have been both offerers or withholders and receivers or refusers of food. This Special Edition gathers psycho-social and philosophical perspectives alongside the voices of lived experience to explore and discuss what emerges when practices of both offering and receiving, in reciprocal relationships within both familial and societal contexts, go awry.


The Special Edition is dedicated to the memory of Ruth Chandler. Ruth was a towering and influential figure in the service user world: tireless in her efforts to get the voice of lived experience noticed and heard within research, service development and beyond. Ruth was part of the writing group for this project but she died in the winter of 2016 after a brief illness. Her untimely death cut short so much of her valuable work, a part of which was to have been her contribution to this Special Edition – called Sometimes Oranges are the Only Fruit. Ruth was one of the contributing artists to the online art theory collaboration, the Cyber-Kitchen (http://www.the-cyber-kitchen.com/state12.htm). She saw her piece for our collection – which she described as “a creative and critical exploration of a relationship played around food between a child and dying mother”  – as an extension of her work there.


We are very grateful to the Journal Editors for generously allowing us creative freedom to develop this Special Edition and would like to thank all the contributors for their patience and dedication and hard work.


The pieces featured in this Special Edition are listed below in alphabetical order by first name. We warmly invite you to browse, read and enjoy this Special Edition.


John Adlam, Independent Researcher       Kati Turner, Survivor Researcher


An editorial tea party


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Anna Harvey




Caroline Plumb


Joy Goodall


Julia Brannen and Rebecca O’Connell


Julie Parsons


Laurie Bell


Louis Rothschild


Robyn Timoclea


Sadie Nott


Wayne Martin


  • ”Food for thought: A Glimpse into the world of eating disorders.’ – A guide for those who work with people with eating disorders – Reproduced in its entirety

Rebecca Hursey

David Jones
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